When Atheism Becomes the State Religion

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 Philip Ney, 18/12/07

Pioneer Publishing.


“Put that bible away, you can’t read that in school”

“You say you are a Christian, don’t even think of applying to grad school”.

“Moslems are not welcome in this golf club”

“Your charity has just lost its status because of its religious affiliation”.

“But your honor, I was just standing there, quietly praying”  “The police saw            

“Jews are not allowed to have private services for their dead”.   ETC.

Don’t be so pessimistic, that will never happen, you may say.  It already is.


A)    Religion: “a system of worship and faith, a formalized expression of belief.” (Webster’s New English, WNE).  Who or what you believe, determines whom you worship.  It governs your moral or immoral behaviour.  What is your religion is seen in how you behave in any situation that requires an ethical decision, much more than in what you say you believe.  What or whom you worship is observed in where you spend your time, effort, thinking and money.

B)    Converting:  The adherents of a religion maybe so convinced they are right in their belief that they wish or insist that others believe the same.  The process of converting ranges from gentle dialogue to indoctrination and persecution.  Those who are most insecure in their belief or most afraid that the object of the belief will not lead them to any kind of utopia, may be the most insistent that others agree with them.  They feel a certain kind of assurance in numbers; “we can’t all be wrong”.

C)    Atheism: “belief in the non existence of God”. (WNE) They may avow they have no belief, but by their behaviour they show their true orientation.  An atheist conducts his/her life in the conviction there is no god nor do they feel they will ever have to answer for their life to god and so they can live according to their desires or social convention.  They see no need to seek for a god.

D)    Theism:  “belief in the existence of God or gods.” (WNE)  A theist indicates his/her belief in God or gods by seeking to find and know God.  They try to conduct their lives in accordance with what their God or gods would judge as acceptable.

E)    Agnostic:  This person supposedly doesn’t know whether or not there is a god.  In practice what they really believe is seen in how they behave; do they spend time looking for god or do they assume there isn’t God and so they don’t really need to bother to find out.  They might believe, but assume God must convince them of His existence and attitude towards them.  If God appears not to bother with them, they won’t bother with Him.  In fact the self-proclaimed agnostic is really and atheist without much courage.

F)     Purpose of human existence: God wished for friends.  Friendship can only be by choice.  God designed a highly complex creature (human) with the capacity and the opportunity to choose and then created the universe to house and develop him, approximately 13, 7 billion years ago.  Original man/woman chose to not associate with God.  Anticipating that possibility, God had a backup plan to reconcile with humans.

G)    Creation:  the increasing weight of scientific evidence indicates the improbability of accidental existence and development of the universe and the creatures in it. Almost all scientists now agree that there must have been an awesome designer.  There is such strong evidence pointing to intelligent design of the universe that it now takes more faith to be an atheist, than it does to be a theist.

H)    Faith:  the conviction that something exists when there is insufficient evidence to be convinced rationally.  Faith is seen in action.  Faith in the strength of a bridge is observed as an individual makes his first step upon it. Someone who confidently strides over the bridge has more faith than a person who takes few tentative steps, stops and fearfully looks at the river rushing below.  It takes great faith to drive to work with the hope that you won’t be involved in an MVA on the way.  Everyone has faith is something otherwise they would stay in bed and wait for the end, even that takes faith.

 Canada is a Christian Country.

Canada is a Christian Country whose culture and institutions are inherently Christian.  The basis for educational, medical, legal, business, government is built on those of other Christian countries.  It is part of the Christian civilization which has a history of 20 centuries.

That civilization is collapsing for want of wisdom and courage.

 The coming dark age.

Loss of civilization from ignorance from refusing  to see God brings physical and mental darkness.

 Signs of the collapse.

Economic down-turn seems inexplicable but it is not. No country can run a free market economy with declining population and this is happening everywhere. It cannot be overlooked so people nowadays are becoming anxious and pessimistic. They turn to various kinds of entertainment but soon become jaded. So they anticipate and predict then make happen the various causes of economic ruin that they fear most. Even the UN is now shouting about population implosion.

  The end result

Soon panic ensues. There are many solutions are proffered and tried but fail because no one is prepared to examine their assumption that since humans caused the problem, humans can fix it with limiting CO2 emission. When it becomes obvious to humans that using their best brains and sharpest tools can’t make any basic changes that are necessary, the universal anxiety becomes a panic. The only solution they can see is a very intelligent  dictator. Once they find and install him, he turns out to be a selfish, belligerent autocrat who kills randomly when his solutions only make things worse.