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THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO CELEBRATE.                PG Ney                    14/11/2016

  1. Introduction

Pro-lifers all over the USA are celebrating a very narrow victory by a prolife presidential candidate and honest senators but they should not. There is good reason for a sigh of relief but this is not the time for mutual back slapping and self- congratulations. USAns, no everyone everywhere, now have a brief opportunity to freely repent of their pathetic efforts to protect preborn babies and old people. The population is almost all sick with sin and illnesses. God has granted us a brief opportunity to resolve the roots of the problem. If we don’t, all the gross manifestations of evil, impending death and disaster will soon follow.

History isn’t particularly cyclic but there are similarities that need to be learned from.  The Jews had 2 very evil kings that led their people into all forms of evil practice, slavery, burning their children as sacrifices to Moloch, murdering innocent people, cheating in everyday transactions, foreclosures depriving widows of the humble homes, forcing them into prostitution or being sold as slaves, idolatry, corrupt courts etc.  and then un-expectantly the best king Israel ever had.  Josiah crowned king at the age of 8 had no clue what was entailed in governing a country but he had good advisors. With help and good advice he carried out many national reforms, much like president elect Trump intends to do.

“Never before had there been a king like Josiah, who turned to the Lord with all his heart and soul and strength, obeying all the laws of Moses. And there has never been a king like him since. Even so the Lord’s anger burned against Judah because of all the great evils of King Manasseh, and He did not hold back His fierce anger from them. For the Lord had said, “I will destroy Judah just as I have destroyed Israel”.  “Manasseh had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood and the Lord would not forgive this” (II Kings 23:25:26, 24:4)

  1. Logical outcomes

If this doesn’t sound familiar, it should. The good king Josiah had led legal and religious reforms all across the country. He required his people to follow his example. But although the Judeans had a wonderful feast sponsored by the king, there is no indication they had repented of all their evil ways, particularly shedding the blood of innocent children. The Jews were sacrificing the babies and children in the fire of the fiendish god Moloch. “Take it. I have too many girls” “Mummy it’s too hot. Don’t let them throw me in there. Daddy please protect me. I will be good and work hard. Please……..”

A good king doesn’t necessarily result in right living people. It sure helps but it is the ordinary person who must repent and reform if a nation hopes to change its ways and avoid God’s wrath.  At the preaching of Jonah, every person in Nineveh (and the animals) fasted, prayed and begged God to forgive their depravity and violence. Then God relented and did not carry out the destruction He had threatened. (Jonah 4:10)

Just because Americans have a prolife leaning president, godly congressmen and senators who will hopefully appoint prolife judges and defund IPPF, it doesn’t mean God will hold back His anger from destroying the USA because of the sins of ordinary people. Moreover because the sexual depravity and violence in murdering preborn babies by the millions is practiced almost every- where, it is likely the whole world is headed for destruction. If there ever was a time in human history for abject repentance and humble change it is NOW.

Western “Christian” countries without exception are deeply damaged, morally twisted and steeped in a massive amount of sin for which very few people are seeking forgiveness.

  1. This Evil Affects Everyone

Consider all this evil so smoothly practiced or ignored in Western Countries:

  1. i) Each year more than 100 million beautiful, innocent babies who are made in God’s image are cruelly murdered while peacefully, trustingly lying in their mother’s wombs (about 60% of all women and men in the world request or perform this cruel murder.)
  2. ii) Standing by watching these murders and doing very little to stop them are observers, essential accessories to the crime. This has resulted in a profound disinterest in reality and truth because it is so horrible. It has produced many thin rationalizations (“I didn’t know”.  “I never saw it happen”. “There was nothing I could have done”. “I did donate $100 to the local pregnancy counseling service”. “Of course if I knew and if the Lord called me I would have gone to prison to stop abortions, even died to defend little babies.” “It may be your mission but it isn’t mine”) These  lies and self justifications  have impelled  God fearing people to spend more time immersed in truth- distorting entertainment that they call worship. Since they are inert while being excited by what they watch, they become increasingly passive and overweight and addicted to entertainment. (About 98% of the population of adults and youth.) (1

iii) The idolatrous worship of drama and music stars (nearly 90% of all the people.) Most people believe success indicates being blessed by God and thus it must be right, especially in loving their popular pastor.

  1. iv) Allowing (making a feeble effort to stop it) innocent old people, handicapped people, brain damaged patients and chronic mentally ill people and dying people to be “euthanized.” (About 98% of the `world’s population). (2)
  2. v) Corrupted courts which impose the restriction of free speech because it is not gender neutral, approve “rights” for sexually disturbed people and permission to doctors to assist in suicides. (60% of elected and appointed judges)
  3. vi) Approving and legalizing all forms of perverted sexual behaviour and sex changing surgery, much of which victimizes young people. (60% of population including most Christians who promote tolerance because “they were born that way and can’t help it, can they?”)

vii)  life -long survivor guilt, identity confusion, obsessive ruminations, dancing with death, loss of hope, not wanting children etc. these almost impossible to treat conflicts and symptoms in the siblings of aborted children, (about 50% of all people).(3)

viii)  deep physical, psychological damages shown with strong research evidence which result from abortions including:  breast cancer, premature births, disrupted relationships and psychiatric illness including: Depression, Metabolic Syndrome from antidepressants, Pathological Grief, Obsessions, General Anxiety, Suicides, Disorder, Bulimia , Suicide, Drug Addiction &or Alcoholism. (4-16) Although there are no accurate studies of prevalence, at least one of these life- long damages effect 50% of aborted women (30% of the population) Particularly common is pathological grief which is treated with antidepressants (“You have a chemical imbalance and will probably need to take this for the rest of your life” says the doctor) in men and women. These are found in those who have requested or allowed, or paid for or abandoned the woman and child for at least one of their children. (about 60% of the population).

  1. ix) The weakening or destroying of the Species Specific Instinctual Restraint to Aggression and Abandonment (SSIRAA) in parents who kill their babies (about 60% of all people).(17)** When the SSIRAA is damaged or weakened in parents they are more likely to abuse or abandoned their children (e.g. day care) whenever they are enraged or stressed. The wanted, surviving children are abandoned in day care or placed in foster care given by sexually twisted foster parents or placed in high class boarding schools. Without SSIRAA people will be more cruel to each other, especially in war.
  2. x) Abortion induced damage to parent-infant bonding means that: there is a greater chance of abuse and neglect, the child is more likely to be placed in early day care, the child’s blueprint is not as well recognized and thus that child’s individual needs are not as well met. (about 30% of the population)(16)
  3. xi) With the current idea promoted by merchandizing media and agencies that sex is recreation, and because intravaginal sex results in pair bonding, many if not most young people are pair bonded to many others before they “marry” The more pair bonds, the weaker will be any of them, particularly to their wedded partner. The result is higher rates of family breakup and marital conflict. (18)

xii) The once noble medical profession now practices without the insistence of science based evidence for all procedures. Physicians are aware that abortion and euthanasia and sex change surgery are not medically justified. The absence of evidence for the necessity and benefit of abortion and euthanasia has resulted in a deep dishonesty that affects all areas of their practice. This affects about 40% of medical practitioners.

xiii) Since physicians no longer adhere to evidence based medicine all the time but support, (actively or passively) abortion etc., patients no longer trust them as well. Thus the placebo effect (which is the greatest and most side effect free component of much of medicine) is diminishing. (19) The result is that more medication must be prescribed and thus there are more side effects which may need other medication to be controlled. The net effect is escalating medical costs, higher medical insurance rates that some people can no longer afford or they delay in obtaining medical evaluation. How many this affects is difficult to estimate but it can be 30%+.

xiv) Increasing frequency of premature babies (20 ) and breast cancer (21) from abortion have also escalated health care cost so that governments will try to save money by promoting euthanizing for older people and those with chronic diseases.

  1. xv) Most of the deep damages from abortion cannot be repaired and so people are not as joyful, hopeful and able to work as in times past. Since people are more likely to have children if they are hopeful about the future, the lack of hope nationally will reduce the birth rate which adversely affects the economy which means more people are out of work which reduces hope and so on in a vicious cycle.

xvi) There is a huge need for psychiatric and psychological treatment that is not being met. There are many untested, uncontrolled superficial counseling techniques that may leave people with a momentary feeling of benefit but when there is additional stress with age and illness, the symptoms recur. The poorly treated person hesitates to seek treatment again, especially if their treatment required having faith because then they blame themselves for not improving. The feeling they have been treated, “I guess this is as good as it gets” A sense their children don’t want them to become dependent increases their chance of opting for doctor assisted suicide. Poorly treated people develop chronic illnesses which are more difficult to treat.

xvii) As confidence in physicians is eroded, so the demand for 2nd opinions and more diagnostic tests grows and thus greatly increasing the cost of medical care. The government and medical plans will try to keep down costs by more control and interference of doctors which they greatly resented. Physicians are more likely to provide quick diagnoses and treatment which leaves the patient justifiably feeling they were not heard. Therefore they inadvertently develop more and more serious symptoms that the physician must attend to.

xviii) Anyone who has a reasonable income practices virtual slavery. Materialistic people take advantage of sweat-shop labor in developing countries and are proud of their bargains. They feel so pleased with themselves with no thought about the worse than slave labour conditions that made it possible to have such inexpensive clothing or computers. This applies to about 70 % of the population including the majority of Christians.

xviii) Pastors and priests feel compelled to have successful churches which mean large congregations which tend to make the preacher provide uplifting, “praise filled worship” services. They are unlikely to lead their congregations in repentance. Because all these injustices, damages and guilts won’t readily dissipate there is a great desire to obtain from the service or from each other, ways to justify and rationalize why and how people hurt themselves and each other. The rationalizations and self justifications thought out for themselves &/or provided by their leaders for their errors and harms become more complex and convincing. They might somewhat diminish fear and guilt for a short while but people cannot avoid feeling guilt at a biological level. (I have done damaging things to myself and my species). They sense that their Creator is very angry because they are killing and harming people He individually created for friendship.

xix) There is a very large and growing population that senses there will be a time of recompense   for the vast amount of violence and depravity now extant. The resulting ambient fear makes almost everyone feel an ominous sense of dread. Most people try to dodge their depressing thoughts by superficial chatting and distract their fear by immersing them- selves in increasingly more riveting drama, sex and violence drenched news and documentaries of rioting and war. They like best any kind of religious service that promulgates or insinuates: “you don’t need to feel guilty”, “just place your burdens at the foot of the cross and leave them there” “you must not be judgemental on yourself or others”, and “Let Jesus take care of it. He heals the worst of troubles.” These are religious band-aids, some of which are expensive. The demand for “spiritual counseling” and “miraculous healings” is escalating but there is no quality control. You know a counselor is unprofessional if they do not carefully measure the effectiveness of their practice or modify anything that is ineffective.

  1. xx) Instead of leading people to repent and deal with their guilt, too many pastors and priests are preaching the peace and prosperity gospel in which people are led to believe that God will provide if only they will pray hard enough and have faith. These people don’t think they need to exert themselves to protect preborn babies and old people. They just make the “right investments and God will do the rest”. They don’t seem to realize that generally, the higher the rate of return, the more likely that investment is unethical.

xxi) When preaching should be centered on the need for salvation, maturity and loving others, many pastors are preaching pre-tribulation rapture which assures people of God they will avoid the punishment coming to the world. “You Christians” don’t need to worry and scurry about trying to save babies because as God’s children they will go straight to heaven if times get really tough.

xxii) Instead of teaching by example many pastors and priests stay safely behind their oaken doors. They do not venture out into the hostile world lining the street with “Abortion Kills Babies“ signs during a Life Chain or any other benign prolife activity. It is small wonder that they will be held responsible for the invasion of evil and terrible times. “Not a king in all the earth—no one in all the world—would have believed an enemy could march through the gates of Jerusalem. Yet it happened because of the sins of her prophets and priests, who defiled the city by shedding innocent blood. (Lam 4: 12-13).  It isn’t that they did the killing but that they did nothing to stop the killing of thousands of babies and children sacrificed to the vile god Moloch

xxiii) Pastors and priest know or should know that at least 30% of the women and the men in their congregation has had an abortion and are desperately waiting to deal with their guilt, pain and extensive damage. Yet the P&P won’t even mention the taboo word abortion from the pulpit, lest someone in their polite congregation feels offended and leaves. Don’t P&P realize churches are for sinners, not self- styled saints? Because they won’t teach about abortion, many young women are not prepared to face the alienation that might follow being illegitimately pregnant so they choose abortion hide their shame of leave the church.

xxiv) When they have a civic and Christian duty to warn women (22) approaching an abortion clinic about the medical facts of no necessity and no benefit. Very few informed people (0.1 %) even tried to warn those who desperately needed to know what are the common damages from abortion. Side walk counselors are well protected by the laws governing freedom so speech to warn and science which shows there is no necessity or benefit and that everyone has a duty to warn of impending disaster.

xxv) A world-wide exponentially declining fertility rate is adversely affecting the economy of almost every country. Experience show that monetary and social incentives will not reverse this trend. The three main reasons young people do not want to have children are: their lack of hope, as abortion survivors they resent children and they suspect the demands of children will detract from their narcissistic pleasures.

xxvi) The advertising media have discovered that promoting, “Look after yourself”. “Love yourself with a warm bath and wine….”.  is very effective, especially with the morally self-righteous. Christians who don’t think will accept this notion, “For doesn’t it say in the bible that we must love others as we love ourselves?” Very few people (2%) see the dangers of narcissism even when you point out that Narcissus fell into the pool and drowned because he became so enamored with his reflection. Selfies, fapping, sex toys, luxurious travel holidays etc. are encouraging already materialistic people to become more narcissistic. Evidence shows that when a person is self focused their BP and pulse increase but when their mind is focused on another (e.g. being in love) their physiological parameters improve. Narcissist people form superficial relationships and become chronic complainers very easily. They definitely do not want children to interrupt their orgies and feasts and so choose an abortion 70 to 90 % of the time.

xxvii) The above is a very short list of the enduring distrust, dehumanization, disease and dishonesty that is affecting all levels of business resulting in inefficiency and time off. The net effects are struggling economies and thus a need to find scape-goats to suffer in their place. Innocent preborn babies have become the modern scapegoats. Soon Christians are likely to become the alternative scapegoats.

xxviii) The vast majority of people world-wide are damaged and/or dehumanized and guilt ridden. When they cannot find relief, they will accept anyone as leader as long as that person helps them feel a bit better. As in times past, people feel more meaning and less guilt and depression during times of war. Since the above problems are seldom recognized and even less often remediated, it is not hard to predict people will subconsciously yearn for war. “I know its coming. I can’t stand the tension, so let’s get on with it”. Moreover they will support any good looking demagogue who will lead them into war with their neighbours on the flimsiest pretense.

xxix) One of the worst ramification of the pro-death culture is the wickedest philosophy; “every child a wanted child”. The first right of a child is to be wanted.” This was penned by Margret Sanger who was a witch, eugenicist, admirer of Hitler and founder of International Planned Parenthood, (IPPF). It sounds pleasant and benign but it is the most profoundly evil way of thinking that any human has ever concocted. Well might you ask, if the child is not wanted? The correct answer is that child has no right to be, to be alive, to be all that God designed him and her to be. The world has accepted the notion that life depends on being wanted. That applies to preborn babies, handicapped children, old people, chronically ill and dying. Soon it will apply to you. Life instead of being and inalienable God given gift and universal, indisputable, unconditional human right has become dependent on being wanted, popular, conventional, politically correct and an atheist. All too soon those criteria will apply to you and you will probably be found wanting. And so you tremble and evil one laughs satanically. “I’ve got them all thinking my way God and because this is what they choose, you can’t stop them so I win”. And Jesus wept. “Dear God can’t they see that they must welcome every child in my name and in your great name and then the world will stop spinning out of control”

xxx) This large and incomplete list of the damages from abortion, sex perversion and doctor assisted death will only change superficially unless people will confront and defeat the evil behind all the assaults and insults listed above.  Almost the entire population is damaged and guilt ridden. There are ways and means but guilt saddled and deeply damaged people are not really interested. I know because for years I have promoted a list of ideas which are feasible and effective right away, but people almost invariably react with “But that could get me put behind bars.” (A list of practical  effective tactics is available to anyone who is determined to try at least one of them).

  1. Why abortion is the worst crime against humanity and the 2nd worst sin against God*.
  2. i) It destroys Gods’ most prised creation and frustrates His deepest desire. God gives them life they don’t deserve. They throw their lives away for a short stint off fast fading fun. God freely offers them eternal life and the scoff both at Him and at that priceless treasure.
  3. ii) It deprives Him of the people He yearned to have as friends. Alienated from God, people lose a sense of their worth and dignity.

iii) It results in dehumanization and many physical, psychological and spiritual damages to children, men and women. Having destroyed or damaged the Species Specific Instinctual Restraint to Aggression and Abandonment, Abortion increases family violence and the cruelty of war.

  1. iv) Parent -infant bonding, pair bonding and buddy bonding mechanisms are destroyed or badly twisted so that preborn babies and children are not protected and families more readily fall apart.
  2. v) Abortion makes almost everyone as Perpetrator, Observer and/or Victim are major contributors leaving them with a deep guilt that alienates them from God.

Iv) It depopulates the earth and will eventually destroy all humanity. Nowadays almost is never prosecuted as a crime even in countries where it is not legalized.

  1. v) Having destroyed or twisted the reputation of God so badly, fewer people are interested in getting to know Him.
  2. vi) People find no relief among God’s people from their deep seated guilt and persistent gnawing fear so they do not turn to God in hope and faith.

vii)  Abortion’s main contributors are the world wide observers who are guilt ridden but don’t feel that way because they have so many “good” rationalizations for themselves and for each other. Ignoring their guilt for the worst crime against human’s results in ignoring reality bordering on psychosis and so they become progressively crazy. The guilt from abortion also makes them pursue entertainment as distraction. This leads to many forms of entertainment addictions. They expose themselves to a constant stream of lying by the media until they can no longer discern truth from fiction. These guilt ridden, entertainment addicted, depersonalized and wounded people make up about 90% of the world’s adult population. They are all wandering  blindly toward a hellish abyss.

*Rejection God and His Son and the free gift of salvation is by far the worst sin.

  1. God’s response.

And if I announce that I will build up and plant a certain nation or kingdom, making it strong and great, but then that nation turns to evil and refuses to obey me, I will not bless that nation as I had said I would. …I am planning disaster against you instead of good. So turn from your evil ways, each of you and do what is right” (Jer. 18 10 &11)

But they replied, “Don’t waste your breath. We will continue to live as we want to, following our own evil desires. …Therefore their land will become desolate, a monument to their stupidity. (Jer. 18:12,16)J

And they have filled this place with the blood of innocent children. They have built pagan shrines to Baal and there they burn their sons as sacrifices to Baal… Then those trapped inside  will have to eat their own sons and daughters and friends. They will be driven to such despair. Jer. 19:5,8,9)

I myself will fight against you with great power for I am very angry. You have made me furious. I will send a terrible plague upon the city and both people and animals will die. Jer. 21:5

  1. E. Voting as They Believe

People will tend to choose leaders they like. They like leaders who will agree with their desires and support their rationalizations for wrongs. Thus women who have an abortion and have not resolved the deep conflicts arising from killing their infant young recognizing it is the worst crime against humanity, will vote for leaders who loudly proclaim, “You don’t need to feel guilty” It’s quite normal to want your rights and freedoms”. “Don’t worry that babies spirit will return with your next pregnancy”. “Vote for me. I promise to make abortions easy, convenient and free.” “I had one and have no regrets”.

Unless these conflicts and guilts are fully dealt with, the next election will have a much more destructive outcome, mainly because more women will have had an abortion which they need to justify.

  1. F. Because of the sins of the priests and prophets.

Who would have thought that any enemy could invade Jerusalem so that the conquering king and his generals could contemptuously march with ease thru its city gates? (Lamentations 4: 12-13 paraphrased.) No one could do that, right? It is too well fortified and carefully defended.

Well it happened because of the “sins of the priests and prophets”(P&P) who saturated Jerusalem, the city God chose as His own, with the blood of innocent people. They even sacrificed their own children, burned alive on the altar of that detestable god Moloch. Did P&P do all the killing? No. They just did not intervene to defend the innocent babies, foreigners, handicapped people and beggars. They were the active and passive participant observers to the most awful crime anyone could commit. These priests and prophets contributed to this terrible sin more than the benighted parents for they knew the law better and had (potentially) a more intimate relationship with God who would guide them.

The following list is just some of the ways modern priests, pastors and prophets (P, P&P) have contributed by their passivity or wrong teaching and backwards leading, because of their desire for a big congregation. They also provided rationalizations to their people who were feeling at all guilty for not doing their utmost to protect preborn babies. Theirs is the greater contribution to the worst of crimes of humanity that ever happened. Though God will always forgive any individual for any sin when the sincerely repent. “The Lord would not forgive this” (filling Jerusalem with innocent blood). (He will not forgive a nation that kills innocent people, particularly its innocent preborn babies until the whole nation repents. (Jonah. 3:10)  Observers passively allow and by their lack of intervention they encourage, crimes. They discourage with criticism and interfere with those who try to rescue. They pay for news and documentaries showing these crimes. They provide themselves with scriptural based (so they claim) rationalizations for why they don’t go to prison for attempting to defend preborn babies. These are readily picked up and used by their congregation.

Observers contribute to crime more than perpetrators in many ways. (14)**Ref Triangles ) They give false hope. “Surely someone will rescue me. Look here comes mum. But she isn’t doing anything. Oh no!  Now she is turning away and smiling to herself. What did I just hear her say? ‘Well it serves him right. He deserves a good beating after breaking my treasured vase’. “Mummy don’t leave me. You are the only person left who could help me. Please, Please, Please”

If the victim survives, the observers turn away and deny everything. They seldom acknowledge their contribution to child mistreatment etc. It leaves the little victim feeling abandoned and that feeling is worse than any beating.

If you don’t believe the observer has the greater contribution, speak with a person who as child had a mother who drank, beat her and left her alone at age 7 for days on end. She will say, “Why didn’t gramma come and look after me. She must have known what was going on”


  1. What they neglect to do

1) Although Christ ordered his servants to preach the gospel and heal the wounded, few pastors take this commission seriously. If people were truly Christian there is a diminished likelihood they would abort their babies. If Christians tried to help God heal those damaged by abortions, they are less likely to have repeat abortions.

2) Since the false split of clergy and laity, few P&P expect their congregation to preach and heal as Christ commanded (Luke 10:1-24)

3) They show no leadership in preventing abortions. The word abortion is seldom mentioned from most pulpits, even though a recent survey found 35% of women in the average congregation have had abortions and who are suffering in silence and despair.

4) P&P are not likely to show up for “Life-chains” because they are afraid to be considered intolerant. The real reason is their fear of ridicule.

5) P&P express false reasons (excuses) for their lack of leadership that their congregations readily pick up and use for themselves e.g. “I believe it does more harm than good to be confrontational like that”

6) P&P are examples for their passive observer behaviour. Their congregation will imitate what they appear to enjoy doing, which is preening and prancing on stage while showing off their superior knowledge of scripture and/ or reclining in their well-padded chairs in a plush office surrounded by humble secretaries and assistant pastors. The behaviour they should show to be emulated is humble repentance, gutsy counseling outside abortion clinics and writing letters of encouragement to their people from prison.

7) P&P are quick to provide rationalizations for lack of courage that the  congregation picks up and amplifies when- ever they will not admit their passivity and fear. “We must be tolerant”. It is not good for your family to work all the time, so take a break”. “These pro-lifers just put people off”. “God wants us to be compassionate like He is and try to understand what it would be like to be pregnant with an unwanted baby”.

8) P&P use phrases and false quotes to help themselves and their parishioners feel ok about not getting involved in politics for life and protesting euthanasia. “Of course you must be called by God to do this”. “Unless it is your passion, you may find yourself trying to defeat God’s purpose for you”. “It may be his passion to defend life but it isn’t necessarily your” These P&P neglect to mention that God orders, commands His servants to Love their neighbours (meet their needs) at least as well as the meet their own needs.

9) P&P may preach convincing sermons about loving their handicapped child neighbour but they really don’t expect anyone to do it. They don’t bother asking if anyone in the congregation has done it so they can be made into a glowing example that will be imitated. They don’t hold their congregation accountable for all the good works they assert that they will do for their Lord and Master.

10) P&P live indolent, materialistic life styles, glowing in the praise of men and driving the latest cars all of which is well rationalized and imitated by their submissive flock.

11) P&P lack self-discipline and are often overweight and out of shape. Too frequently they have a secret (pseudo-secret) addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, the “breaking news” etc. at which they spend much more time than defending babies and grannies. Their pseudo-secret addictions evoke pity and tolerance if they are liked by their followers. Their self-justifications are picked up and used by those in the know in their congregations.

  1. Inadvertent Maladaptive Conditioning.

12) P&P inadvertently operant condition passivity and apathy in their people. They provide scintillating sermons while their congregations sit, immobile. They don’t really pay attention but nod approvingly at what appear to be appropriate intervals that the pastor or priest provide for approving feedback.

13) While the P&P are inadvertently reinforcing maladaptive (passive) behaviour, the congregation is operantly conditioning the pastor’s pride and vanity by their applause, amens nodding and kind comments. This conditioning starts with high ratios of reinforcements but they taper off in time. The fact it becomes a variable ratio of reinforcement results in the behaviour continuing even when there is no reinforcement.

14) Christ made it very clear that all His children were brothers and sisters. But the early church soon wanted to copy the hierarchy of the ancient Israeli priests and the clergy- laity split. Now, the usual pattern is for the pastor or priest to do the “work” of evangelizing etc. while the laity provides the building and salary for this work. The net effect is to convey the idea that ordinary people are not supposed to do spiritual work just as hard as the clergy ministering the word and healing the hurt.

  1. Supporting Feminism

15) P&P are so immersed in their culture that they also believe in “those poor suffering women”. Doing so helps women feel sorry for themselves and thus more open to the manipulation of unscrupulous feminists whose main object is more education and power. The net effect is to alienate men and thus provoke them to leave their family. This increases the propensity of their daughters to feel abandoned and thus more likely to abort their babies.

16) P&P favor women over men. They encourage women’s bible studies but care little for men’s groups because they are convinced men are bullies who are aggressive and shout. Disregarding the fact women have at least 34 political, material, financial and social advantages over men,(22) P&P tend to favour women in church assemblies, bible studies and handouts. Women accept these advantages as their rights and dues. Being unable to compete, men tend to leave families and are legally assessed as the one to pay for family maintenance even if she has a better paying job. Families without fathers are more likely to abort their babies.

17) P&P tend to side with the poor little lady in marital disputes. They seldom hear or care that his wife has just torn him to shreds with her quick tongue and vicious insults.

18) P&P ignore the sexually provocative clothing of the “worship team” but will growl at men for eyeing pretty breasts and buttocks.  Women can usually out shout and easily out manipulated men who when they can take it no longer and hit out. He will then spend time in prison often at a critical time when he should be taking his children out, especially his teen daughter. From a man’s point of view, the pastor seems to approve of women’ seductive dressing but woe betide any male who takes more than a fleeting glance.

19) Pastors are models of behaviour and thinking more than they may realize. In conversations they will explain why they are avoiding the issues of abortion and euthanasia. These are then accepted and used by their congregation, e.g. “My role is to preach the gospel. If everyone was a Christian there would be no abortions.”  My church is open to sinners like those who have abortions, but first they must confess and be forgiven for their awful crimes”. “We must first attack the reasons women choose abortion”.  “There are many evils in this world. You don’t expect me to tackle them all?” “I am human and need a break before getting involved in this thorny issue”.

  1. Command not Call

20) When preaching about how to follow Christ, too many P&P emphasize “You need to be called to your mission.” and “Wait until you discover your passion.” They somehow fail to preach that Christians are under authority and are commanded to love in every activity. Love can only mean meeting a person’s needs. Since needs are definable, it is not difficult to see where the needs are greatest. Abortion kills and injures more people than this world has ever seen before.

21) Most P&Ps resent any competition and will artfully or crudely get rid of any member or adherent who attempts to alert the congregation to the desperate need to prevent child murders and help the Lord heal many millions who are deeply damaged by contributing to abortions.

22) Too many P&P preach the importance of being filled with God’s spirit which leaves many Christians waiting to be filled before venturing to serve God in this darkening world.

23) P&P seldom preach or model the need for repentance. They do not see how angry God is about Christian apathy in dealing with abortion. They will not preach the sin of observing nor the need to repent for less than a whole hearted desire to prevent the terrible destruction of abortion and euthanasia.

  1. Superficial treatments for Deep Wounds Don’t Work

24) Those few P&P who recognize some of the damage in post abortion people seldom promote a counselling program that seeks to heal the depth of the damage and the confused turmoil of people attempting to resolve their guilt and grief. Since they have seldom had proper counseling training they don’t know such a thing exists and so approve and promote superficial techniques that result in temporary improvement. Those that are inadequately treated become chronically ill people with depression, eating disorders etc. that are not resolved. Improperly treated people become medically dependent and seldom improve over a life time.

25) Even well informed P&P do not understand the variety and depth of the damage resulting from abortion and being an abortion survivor. If they have some superficial training in counseling, they try to treat post abortion people or train people with even fewer skills. A particular person who appears to have improved is all the evidence that they require to be convinced a program is effective. They cannot see the need for long term follow-up studies.

26) No Pastor or Priest that I know has appealed to their congregation for funds for research even though they are constantly seeking scientific evidence to support the belief that abortion is never necessary and never beneficial.

27) No P&P I know understands the Post Abortion Survival Syndrome even though it is likely that about 40% of their congregation are suffering from being alive because they were wanted and their siblings were terminated because they were inconvenient or a burden or a child that nobody wants.

28) Especially when a church is struggling with a diminishing congregation, P&P tip-toe around controversial subjects lest they offend some member and their congregation even more quickly decline. They can’t be persuaded to see that their church could be the center of post abortion healing which we draw many new-comers.

“The teachers of religious law and the Pharisees are official interpreters of scripture. …don’t follow their example . For they don’t practice what they teach. (Matt. 23:1,3)

  1. Other mechanisms that promote passivity and apathy in Christians when they are all commanded to preach and heal.
  2. Addiction to ever lying TV particularly about the “breaking news”.
  3. Desperate determination by guilt ridden people to distract themselves from the persistent guilty feelings with entertainment. At a biological level everyone feels guilty from killing a member of their species or from harming themselves.
  4. Constantly seeking power and freedom thru more education. There is real power in professors who from their privileged position easily persuade young, naïve people to abandon their faith in Christ for a faith in science, philosophy or hedonism.

4) Disobeying Christ’s command to love in favor of waiting for a personal call to action in some ministry.

5) Feigning ignorance about understanding what is love, waiting until they are spirit filled to be able to love, ignoring daily opportunities to love in favor of seeking emotionally engineered worship experiences to gain a spiritual high.

God has just given Christians a chance to evangelize and treat people like never before. But they will sink back into a more reprehensible state unless they take advantage of this relative calm to effect nation-wide repentance, salvation, recovery and recompense. Otherwise the story of King Josiah will be re-enacted only this time it will be world-wide. It will be the end.


  1. The Size of the Problem We Now Face.

The breadth and depth of the damage done by abortions can only be estimated. Since free abortions are now available in almost every country in the world it is safe to assume that over 50% of women in the world have at least one abortion. The exceptions of Ireland, Poland, Malta, Philippines and Chile where abortions are not legal,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      still have practitioners who will provide “back-street abortions”  Actually these are back door abortion in well- furnished doctor’s offices where for the right price the practitioner carries out reasonably sanitary abortions. They are very seldom prosecuted.

If it is 50% of women it is probably 50% of men who have contributed directly to a child’s murder. This means about 60% of children grow up in homes where one or more of his/her siblings have been aborted.

It is likely that each of these aborting men and women has at least one parent or friend or neighbour that knew of the impending abortion but as an observer did nothing effective to try and stop it. Thus an additional 50% of the world’s population are direct observers. Another 48% of the world’s population knew of abortions in general and were passive observers, preferring to ignore the problem because “it isn’t our problem” or “I believe women have a right to a free abortion” or “we don’t agree with abortion but God hasn’t called us to try and stop them.”

Thus 98% of the world’s population have guilt from the blood of innocent babies on their hands. Only about 5% of these people have sought God’s forgiveness and/or been effectively counseled for the deep damages that arise from being an abortion perpetrator or an abortion observer.

  1. The Complex Interweaving of Guilts and Deep Damages.

This short essay has attempted to outline some of the more obvious or better researched damages to body, mind and spirit that result from an abortion. Although this list only includes damages from abortion to perpetrators, I believe it is safe to assume that the observers are almost equally deeply damaged. Almost all of these people develop symptoms that seem to be depression, cancers, psychosomatic diseases or self destructive behaviours such as alcoholism. Some realize the basic difficulty and cast about looking for someone who understands. Because the underlying conflicts are not addressed these psychological and psychosomatic disorders become chronic. The longer they are not effectively treated the more untreatable they become.  The medical services of the world are becoming overwhelmed and understaffed even though new hospitals are being built and medical education institutes are graduating more expensively trained doctors, nurses, techs, and administrators etc. People are wandering in and out of churches searching for some relief but encountering preachers who can’t see the roots of their suffering.

The complex interweaving of perpetrator guilt, existential guilt and ontological guilt with the complex unresolved psychological and spiritual conflicts result in syndromes of signs and symptoms very few physicians, priests, pastors, counselors and advisors recognize and fewer have any idea of how to treat. Finding the approved medical establishment just don’t understand, more and more people are resorting to alternative remedies and even Satanism for any kind of relief.

P&P don’t realize that images of Christ suffering on a cross are distasteful to post abortion survivors for it reminds them that their brother and sister died so that they could live. The anger of PASS people toward society and governments who did nothing to protect them and a fearful loathing toward their parents who murdered their innocent siblings becomes far more complex when they too have an abortion.

  1. Depopulation and Dehumanization

The growing disaster of depopulation and dehumanization results in economies collapsing which evokes a tendency to find and punish scapegoats. Rather than admit that the core problem is abortion, most governments want to shoot the messengers (earnest pro-lifers) rather than listen to their message. As economies implode, civic infrastructures deteriorate to the point of being greater hazards than benefits, e.g. bridges, sewers, runways, highways etc. The populace can find no one with practical answers so they spend more time glued to the news that cannot be honest about the real roots to the problems. Governments cannot grapple with any of the basic problems because for such a long time they have supported or pushed the woman’s right to have an abortion for any reason at any time at government expense.

As the tensions in and between people grows governments attempt to control everything with more laws and more police to enforce the proliferating laws. Rioting then fighting increases until full scale war ensues, leaving the planet wobbling off its axis and the oceans and seas unable to sustain life that is eatable. Trying to maintain law and order, a demand for world government is promoted even when everyone sees the coming danger of it. At first the “Great Unifier” seems benevolent and benign but when it too is unable to feed and control the masses, it becomes dictatorial and repressive. In the end people are so hopeless and confused they hasten suicide and specicide until the humanity is on the brink of extinction. Then and not until then does the Lord of Creation step in to bring this world wide disaster to an end. “

“I take no pleasure in the death of wicked people. I only want them to turn from their wicked ways so they can live. Turn from your wickedness O people of the world. Why should you die” (Ezekiel 33:11

Do you really think this land should be yours? Murders, Idolaters, Adulterers, should the land belong to you? (Ezekiel 33:25)

Destruction is certain for you shepherds who feed yourselves instead of your flocks? I now consider these shepherds my enemies and I will hold them responsible for what happened to my flock. (Ezekiel 34:10)

Abortion is the critical sin against God and humanity. Abortion has resulted in more deaths and damaged people than any other plague or natural disaster or war. 98% of the entire world by being passive observers are major contributors to abortion but claim no feelings of guilt.  How will God correct this?   At one time he would use a somewhat more righteous nation to punish the sinners but now there is no such nation. He, Himself will need to correct everyone, including His own smug children.



There is a way to avoid this. Though it is unlikely to succeed, people of hope and sanity must try it. For although they can easily see they cannot change the world. They can bring individuals to a saving personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Thus they must try to prolong civilization so there is some opportunity to preach and heal. The following isn’t the only way, but at least it is discernable and do-able.

  1. Recognize the breadth, depth and complexity of the antilife problem. Research and publish accurate data hoping that some people will accept the truth especially about the contributions to abortions and euthanasia of the observers. Don’t rely on testimonies no matter how dramatic. Use properly researched data. If you need help in recognising good science, contact Dr. David Reardon, Dr. Priscilla Coleman or myself. Once there is general knowledge of Observer Guilt, the nation can begin to repent enmasse. All the God loving pastors and priests and prophets must initiate this move but the heads of government must shoulder their culpability and publically repent.
  2. Find anyone who can see into this morass and who will train to understand and fix it correctly. They must be able to endure the hazards of using good programs which can be recognized partly by the vehemence of the mounting, lethal opposition. These counselors must be able to see the awkward truth about themselves for then they will not avoid any truth no matter how much tinsel or grime covers it.
  3. Train these people to do a proper job even when the need is overwhelming and the funds to teach are meagre. Prolifers must discard counseling program that rely on a few testimonials to assure the practitioners it is effective. If a program doesn’t at least try to measure its effectiveness, don’t trust it and don’t recommend it.
  4. With political pressure and economic arguments steer people away from killing (particularly abortion) as a solution to any problem. Remember that abortion is never necessary or beneficial. Always take the argument and the suit to them and insist they prove abortion is good medicine and the preborn baby is not human. The pro-death people know they can’t win against the science and so they will continue to argue abortion rights and conscience where they can always win because it’s all relative. Be pragmatic. The abortionists know that they are practicing very bad medicine. Take them to court for malpractice damages and for criminal assault. This will stop 90% of abortions over-night.
  5. Promote sane and healthy small houses (or woods) of worship and witness. Don’t expect the P&P to spearhead this. God is starting to punish them already. When –ever you have a chance, correct their error- filled theology for the gospel of Christ is simple enough for a small child.
  6. Pray to the Lord of the harvest for more harvesters. Pray for the safety and sanity of each other. The worst feature of persecution is that you can trust no-one. Cling to each other and when necessary, flee to some place where the gospel has not been heard.
  7. Look up for your salvation is nigh. Even though you are fighting a losing battle, always be loving and mannerly for though you are fighting a losing battle, you are victorious and can afford to be merciful and kind as was your master. You loving people of our ever loving God are going to win and that is certain.
  8. Obey Christ’s order to love Him and others as their needs dictate (John. 3:34, I John 2:7)


All tragedies are composed of Perpetrator, Victim and Observer. While the police, politicians, judges, social services concentrate on the Victim and Perpetrator, our science shows use that the major contributors to every tragedy is that of the observer. If only the observers would look, investigate, understand, report, describe, and try to intervene, defend and when necessary offer themselves as surrogate scapegoats, most tragedies would not happen. Human history would be totally different.

  1. Tragic Triangles

Every tragedy is composed of the Perpetrator, Victim, Observer triangle (14).These are dynamic positions because in time: Victims can become Perpetrators by executing the designated villain or just not forgiving and praying for the Perpetrator.  Observers, particularly children watching parents fight may become Victims or Perpetrators when they become adults. All three contribute to tragedies.

  1. Percentage Contribution

In Hope Alive group counseling for those deeply damaged by abortion, abuse, neglect, being abortion survivors, the group members help each other assess the contribution of all those who are in any way contributors to their tragedies. In variably, the major contributors are observers. “Why didn’t mum leave him?  She must have known the abuse was going on?”

“We were rounded up and herded like cattle to be slaughtered. The town’s people just looked away. Only I escaped. Now those people tell me they didn’t know what was going on”

“I know I should have done something when my neighbours were arrested in the night. There is a provision in the Russian constitution that allows people to question the police”

“I suspected that teenager was pregnant and alone. I should have offered her a place to stay. Now I hear she aborted her baby then committed suicide”

“My grandfather was an influential politician. He could have tried to help when they were persecuting Christians. But he was worried he would become unpopular and lose his seat in parliament.

“Why didn’t the pastor teach and warn us about God’s judgement on us observers. I suspect it was because he had some hidden vice or because he never spoke out about abortion.”

  1. Observer Denial

If you see some tragedy about to happen, you have a duty to warn. If you don’t accept your duty and act on that duty to warn people about the harms of abortion, you are a major contributor to rampant killing of little preborn people. If you were confronted about why you didn’t at least try to warn, you would probably say like the silly monkeys, “I didn’t see it or hear it or understand what was going on” and “Besides I could not have done anything to stop it. Stop being so judgemental don’t you see it isn’t my passion and God hasn’t called me to that ministry and it is legal and settled law now”, etc. All of these are false and you know it. So if someone persisted in confronting your denial, you may get angry with them, “Don’t be so judgemental”. If they still persisted you would walk away or knock them down or kill them”.  Humans have frequently preferred to kill the messenger than listen to his message. You are probably no different. You and millions more like you do not want to face your contribution to tragedies going on all around you, particularly the murder of babies.

“Are you suggesting it’s my fault babies are being torn apart and sold in pieces?” “There are many contributors but yes you are a major contributor to many murders, unless of course you have done your utmost to stop abortion.”

“So what do you think should have been my utmost effort to stop abortion? I did regularly contribute to the Prolife Society. God must have thought that was good enough for as far as I can tell, He never rebuked me”

How is your health?”

“Quite frankly not so good. I have advancing COPD. Do you really think I couldn’t stop smoking because underneath I felt guilty about how little I was doing for babies? I guess I was afraid to lose my opportunity for a promotion to Associate Professor. I should have been prepared to go to jail for them”

  1. Expressions of contributor denial
  2. Entertainment addiction: sports, drama, documentaries, pornography, worship services, science, etc. “But I work hard and I need something to help me relax at the end of the day”
  3. Avoidance: “Frankly I find it too disturbing to hear about abortion and euthanasia. I am glad our priest never brings it up. He knows that if he did I would stop going to church. Besides I don’t have time.”
  4. Ignorance. “I think it is made to look awful just to get people to vote against it” It can’t be that bad. Surely God sends those babies straight to heaven. They are lucky not to have to live in this miserable world”

“But look what it does to women and men and children”

“Yeah yeah!  I don’t believe those statistics for a moment. You scientists manipulate the data any way you want. Just go away and leave me alone”

“Aren’t you interested in some facts?

“Nope. I will just shut it all out. There isn’t anything that science can teach me. I’ve got the bible”

  1. Excuses and rationalizations. “Okay, you convinced me. I will go to 40 Days for Life next time they have one, if they tell me when and where it happens” Why don’t they advertise better?”

I catch colds very easily and my doctor says if I am not careful, I could get pneumonia and die and it would be your fault”

Scripture says “In everything acknowledge Him and He will direct you path” I believe that so I am waiting to hear God’s call. Of course as soon as He speaks clearly to me, I will obey Him.

My pastor advises us to go with our God given passion. Defending babies may be your passion but it isn’t mine. I help at the soup kitchen every week. I have a passion for those poor hungry people. Don’t you?”

  1. Pseudosecrets. “I don’t see anyone suffering your so called post abortion syndrome” and to herself, “I hope they don’t see my struggle with weight. They don’t tell me and I won’t tell them about our personal struggles. Everyone has one, right?”
  2. Studied stupidity. “There is way too much stuff out there. I can’t handle it all. I don’t know what to believe and what not to. I’ll stick to my sci-fi. It will blow over like everything else”
  3. Self- imposed blindness and deafness. God has made us empathetic, very sensitive to others joys and sorrows. But if you deafen your ears to the muted screams of babies being dismembered. Soon you won’t hear the quite pains of your children and your own cancer early warnings. You become dehumanized as you dehumanize preborn people.
  4. Family first. “The bible says we must put our family first. I am careful to take my son to his hockey games” Actually Jesus said we must put him first in everything. If we make idols of our children, He might take them from us.
  5. Narcissism “God say we must love others as we love ourselves. I think it is right to look after myself. Nobody else will. Hey look at these selfie pictures I just took. See you on face book” God gave us all these good things to enjoy so we dishonour Him by not being laid back.
  6. Scapegoating. “Those d…m prolifers are embarrassing lining the street with those stupid signs. I’m not pro-abortion but those people should be made to get off the street. Somebody is going to get hurt.
  7. Rapture. “Take it easy. Yeah I know things are going to get really rough. But God’s elect will be raptured right out of the trouble. Aren’t we His children? Do you think He will allow His own children to get hurt? We didn’t make this mess. Those heathen pro-death people deserve to be punished. Not me. I have been a good going to church, clean living citizen of this sleepy town all my life. I deserve to be air lifted to His glorious kingdom in heaven. Abortion? He is sovereign and can fix that problem any time He chooses.


  1. Avoiding Guilt

It is so easy (at least so it seems) for Observers to ignore external and internal reality. Very few   will allow themselves feelings of guilt that God is trying to convince them of. Consequently they won’t repent.  As a result they become alienated from their own inner senses and even more to the cries of the helpless preborn child. They become dehumanized, defensive and deaf to God’s Spirit. Since almost everyone is a guilt denying, guilt ridden person, the whole nation will deny reality and be defensive. As a result a kind of pseudo-democracy develops.

People may elect “prolife leaders” but expect them to fix the effects of many, many baby murders. Most pro-lifers can’t believe there are so many observers who need to deal with their guilt, damage and denial. So nothing really changes. Soon everyone one calls for “a real leader who will get us out of this economic mess” (caused by abortion induced depopulation). The people who step forward to lead will have economic prowess but are not particularly prolife. Their success will induce many prolife people to follow, while they become increasingly dictatorial. Because the observers won’t listen to their guilt driven dis-ease, they will prefer their materialistic pleasure and put economic up-swings ahead of painful repentance and personal revival.

  1. Punish Us All

Since there are so few observers who will recognize and deal with their major contribution to child murder, the churches then the nation will slide into ignorance, confusion and ruin. This slide is under way now. Thus this is not the time to rejoice but a short time of favour when God will allow us to come to grips with the largest problem the world has or ever will have. If we don’t deal with this universal degenerating dehumanization, God will justly punish us all for the cruel, senseless murder of millions of His lovely children. Who could blame Him?


  1. God’s Principles and Word

Because God’s principles were developed before creation they will last outlast all of creation. Because these principles are eternal, God’s words that describe them will endure. Because these principles create a persisting self- correcting direction in the universe. (15).lady that got a belated Noble prize for demonstrating that corn corrected the mutants she deliberately engineered rather than developing a new better surviving strain.) God seldom has to intervene when humans ignore Him and wander off course. Thus while it is predictable that God will punish the whole world of people, it is probably it will be caused by rapid orbital decay.  He won’t bother to correct the earth’s orbital decay as He always has before for at least 800 million years (16).

  1. Orbital Decay

Thus the earth will revolve closer and closer to the sun. It will get unstoppably warmer then much hotter.  The water will evaporate and the fields unproductively drier. The people will starve, biting, clawing, and shooting each other for a small drink of water and bit of bread all of which is clearly predicted in the Bible.

As the gravitational and electromagnetic forces shift,  tectons will drift thus creating volcanoes whose dust will hide the moon and dim the sun. There will be tidal waves and earth quakes of great magnitude. Yet instead of desperately seeking God as He hopes, proud humans will resort to inhuman means to correct the coming disaster. At last they can see the end so they will mourn and self-recriminate. They will bemoan their stupidity for not accepting Gods free gift of salvation. Now they cannot face God and his judgement. In one last fling at maintaining their independence and pride, they will ask the mountains gods to cover them with rocks that they stupidly think God cannot see thru or lift. (Matt……_) In the end the earth will naturally dissolve in a fire ball that will consume everything God created in it. Then maybe He will boost its orbit and create a new earth that evil cannot touch.


  1. Not Now

Now is not the time to celebrate but to weep and work hard at changing our attitude to God’s poor and helpless who we have neglected for so long. It would be so nice to slap each other on the back and greet each brother and sister with a high –five. To do so would be insane and insulting to God. The US election was won by God and only Him. There is no other explanation. But now the USA and other nations must repent and renew their commitment to protect babies from abortion and old people and the mentally ill from euthanasia. God loving people cannot sit back and wait until good politicians and good judges change the laws and protect every human from destruction. This sickness affects everyone (with rare exceptions) and everyone must see how they have contributed to such an awful pervasive disease. Moreover, even with good laws, the doctors will lie about the necessity of an abortion and the judges will accept as fact twisted data and the P&P will see no necessity for preaching the need for forgiveness because “right and wrong all depends on your point of view”. Everyone must get on their knees and authentically apologize to God for the mass murder of His children, now. There isn’t a moment to lose. Soon everything will return to the usual killing and excusing where everyone is so damaged and guilt ridden they cannot see how dirty and twisted they are. (Micah. 1: 9) “For the wound is too deep to heal.”

As His loyal, loving servants we must all seek forgiveness for no-one has done their utmost to protect preborn babies and help heal their parents and neighbours. We must renew our promises and determination to be ready to expose ourselves to ridicule and assassination on behalf of babies. We must do only those treatments that go to the roots of this enormous and complex world- wide problem. This is an immense task and there are a miniscule number of properly trained people. Hope Alive is the only program that I know which recognizes the depth and complexity of these illnesses. It is empirically derived and uses both scripture and science to help God heal almost hopeless people millions of abortion damaged and guilt ridden people all over this world. Hope Alive has scientifically authenticated good results. But it isn’t easy and it does require counselors learn about themselves in order to qualify.

  1. Desperately Pray

We must desperately pray God will help us fight the good fight to hold back satan who is raging about looking for people and preborn babies he can devour. Remember you pro-lifers that you have God, the power and wisdom of His Holy Spirit in you, truthful morality, rational philosophy, eternal logic, proven science, evidence based good medicine and people loving ethics on your side. So don’t be defensive. Insist that those pro-death proponents provide evidence that what they propose is good for even one individual, good for society, good for the nation and good for the world. You know they cannot do that. By your insistence you bring out the truth of what they are hoping to achieve. The want power and popularity for themselves that the evil one will use to enslave and destroy all people.

Remember that satan has been defeated and is under a sentence of eternal punishment but is being allowed to temp and confuse people as an alternative to God. Why? Because God wants you as His eternal, mature friend; a friendship you chose. You can only make a choice for God if there is an apparently equal alternative. Thus God temporarily hides most of His power and intelligence. He allows satan to convince people that he (it) rules the world and can give it to whoever will worship him. The knowledge of good and evil that satan offers is all a lie and can only lead to enslavement, alienation from God and death. By your insistence on truth, you will expose that lie and. Mature drive satan back to where it belongs so that innocent life is protected.

  1. Mature Friends for God

Remember also that God wants to spend eternity with mature, interesting friends. He is constantly hoping we will really get to know Him and work alongside obeying and trusting all the time. That is tougher than it sounds. To get to know a friend you know it means being together in demanding situations. So God out of love and appreciation of your devotion, obedience and toughness will drag you into even more demanding jobs and wise decision making situation as you age.

Remember also that like any machine, humans function best when there is harmony in their moving parts, mind, body and spirit. This means get rid of your inconsistences. Do what you believe and you will be much better able to work, sing and sleep. Without a lot of “I know I should be doing…….more often” you will be healthier. If a preborn baby is really a person, like you keep saying she/he is, then throw out the TV, buy a smaller 2nd hand car and live in a smaller house so you have more time and money to spend defending your little preborn neighbour. Stop worrying about losing your job or being imprisoned or executed. If your earthly existence is going to happen that way. Rejoice because you will soon see your Saviour and you will miss the gruesome ending of this world. So hope your death will be for a good cause, in fact the best of causes, protecting babies and introducing people to Jesus.

  1. No Exceptions

The world has never seen such universal guilt, grief, dehumanization and damage. Worse still, almost no one recognizes the extent of the problem. Of those who do, very few are responding as their protective instincts and God given concern for their fellow humans would warrant. It is terribly sad that pastors and priest are not accepting their leadership role. God will judge them. “Now I consider those shepherds my enemies” (Ez. 34:10) It is tempting to give up but God will be most angry with those who understand but don’t warn or protest, or sue or treat or campaign with all their might, God’s wrath towards you will be greater. If you do not warn the sinner, “his blood will I require at thine hand” (Ezekiel 33:8).

  1. Fighting a Losing Battle Victoriously

We must fight a losing battle victoriously. That is not a contradiction. The world is probably too far gone but God’s people will win because Christ has already defeated the evil one and Death. It must begin with each person.

God please forgive me. I have not done as much as I could have to protect your sweet babies nor have I treated as many wounded parents as I should have.  I will try harder to know you and obey you. Please join me in repenting and renewal of commitment. When you do you will have peace, clear thinking and better health and possibly more persecution. By God’s grace mercy and patience, we can change the world.

And when all is honorably and truthfully said and well done, remember to thank our Lord. Isn’t He great? He knows precisely what He is doing. He will bring human history to a self- glorifying and to His children to a human elevating end. Unless I have misinterpreted the signs of the times, His coming again will not be long because humanity is too far gone. And yet we must keep on asserting ourselves for preborn babies, old people, handicapped people etc. and those who need Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

People are far more willing to talk about these matters than you might think. So don’t be shy.  It is a simple as this. “Good morning. How are you”. “Not so good. I couldn’t sleep”  “Bad dreams” “Terrible, I was being chased by a person with a bloody knife” “Please tell me about your abortion” “How did you know?” They are relieved that someone has initiated that conversation because they are so tired of trying to avoid the pain and guilt.

“Then those in Judea must flee to the hills. A person outside the house must not go inside to pack. For that will be a time of greater horror than anything the world has ever seen or will ever see again. In fact unless that time of calamity is shortened the entire human race will be destroyed. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.” Matt 24: 16.17.22


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