Near Defeat, But Not Disaster Yet

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Political

NEAR DEFEAT BUT NOT DISASTER YET.                        Philip Ney   27/7/16

In the last year, prolifers have made some significant gains but suffered some serious defeats. The net effect is to make many good God loving, preborn baby protecting people, give up. They are sticking their heads in the shifting sands of TV, occasionally glancing at bad news which they keep vainly hoping will soon, magically go away. During the time of momentous referendum, court decisions and elections, is not the time to hide behind status quo rationalizations.

Since most people will vote for the candidate who appears to think like them, they will vote for those who promote, perform and rationalize abortions. It is safe to assume that everyone who has directly contributed to the brutal murder of a lovely preborn person will feel guilt and grief. To keep themselves from the madness that unresolved guilt and grief will result in, they must excuse and rationalize murdering their trusting child. The abortion promoters proffer many false justifications like: “It is a woman’s right and we encourage her to exercise her legal rights”, “She was so poor and uneducated” and “She had no one she could turn to” etc. Those that have not resolved the major conflicts arising from abortion nor experienced any real improvement in the body, mind and spirit are eager to find and use any good looking reason to assure themselves they are not inhuman and convince neighbors and friends they had no other choice.

The pro-abortion politicians know of this connection between having an abortion and voting for those who support aborting babies with fine sounding rationalizations. Post abortion people grasp these false justifications with gratitude. They show this appreciation for ready- made reasons to abort that allow them to feel reasonably human and psychologically normal, by voting for the politicians who promote abortion as needed and normal. These politicians understand that their power base is not founded on moral truth and good science. They continue to promote abortions because they intuitively realize that post abortion guilt and grief and dehumanization etc. make people turn to them for a reasonable excuse for doing such an unthinkable evil as killing their own trusting baby. They continually manufacture arguments and legal precedents that post abortion people can conveniently use at a whim.

In additions to providing justifications for doing abortions, pro-abortion politician’s parade and loudly acclaim well liked and well known models, who have had abortions and who claim to be proud or at least glad they did.

This combination of models and rationalizations is effective if at the same time; abortion providing politicians and judges effectively undermine the fundamental truths of the matter:

i) She is a baby,

ii) There is no necessity or benefit from abortion,

 iii) Abortion only and always harms women, mates, children and families.

iv) Abortion undermines the determination of judges to rule according to law,

v) Abortion is destroying the medical profession, By making population decline, abortion is ruining the economy,

vi) Abortion results in narcissism that destroys neighborliness,

vii) Abortion made and promotes the relative value of life by insisting only those who are wanted may live,

viii) Abortion results in distrust of government, police and army thus making law enforcement increasingly difficult.

ix) Abortion destroys those instincts that create bonds and restrain abandonment and aggression.

x) Abortion alienates people from God

Pro-abortion politicians also know that the most effective way to destroy truth is to distrust, alienate and destroy the truth speakers. They do this by avoiding direct debate and concentrating on innuendo, rumor, false allegations and threats.

These four mechanisms can assure the pro-abortion politicians victory because:

 i) About 60% of North American women and men have directly contributed to the murder of at least one of their children and are desperately seeking self justifications.

ii) Prolife people although loudly and proudly proclaiming the full, unique humanity of everyone at all stages of development, don’t act according to this assertion. They continue their comfortable life style and will only act if they feel called.

iii) The pastors and priests who should be front line troops lead only in word. They do not show consistent, courageous examples of how to act in the face of dangerous opposition. Thus they allow and promote religious justifications for not dealing with this horrible threat directly.

iv) Those who attest to all the above, will not take the damage and danger seriously. They do not change their life style (e.g. smaller house and older car), to have more time and money for prolife confrontations.

v) Those who ostensibly provide therapies for the deep damages from abortion and all its antecedents don’t take that damage seriously but apply Band-Aids which soon wear off leaving a gapping pus filled wound. People who are partially treated become embittered, hopeless, cynical and often angrily pro-abortion politician supporter.

vi) The many prolifers who claim to be Christian don’t speak and live the gospel of their salvation in Christ so that people are much less inclined to murder their babies. Many who call themselves Christian are fearful because they do not act on the fundamental truth that whatever happens to their bodies, they are eternally alive from the moment of accepting Christ as their Saviour. Their essential self cannot be killed so they can afford to take risks on behalf of defenseless babies.

vii) Far too many Christians are passive from conditioning made so by listening to preaching and watching TV. They are ashamed of those few who stand up and stand out, often undermining their messages with destructive rumors, gossip, innuendo and alienation. They too are seeking rationalizations for their inertness and fear, sometimes borrowing arguments from pro-abortion politicians to justify their lack of courage in defending those who cannot defend themselves.

viii) Very few people grasp the enormity of the current life vs. death conflict. There has never been anything like and never will be. Why?  Because abortion and its allies is destroying humanity at the command of the ancient promoter of lies, enslavement and death.

The prognosis is grim. 


What can change the present direction of history? i) The example of reasonable people who are prepared to be well scared or dead heroes.

ii) Prolife people who take it seriously, acting like they believe the situation is desperate by changing their life style.

iii) Life changing, in depth counselling which has proven efficacy available in homes and churches at the end of the block.

iv) Nation-wide repentance beginning with us, now. Ask God to: forgive us for our fear and passivity, give us boldness and wisdom, and find the joy in fellowship with Christ by not avoiding persecution.