COMMENTARY ON CYRYB (Can You Remember Your Baby Days)

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COMMENTARY ON CYRYB (Can You Remember Your Baby Days)

Philip G.NEY 5/7/2014


When people remember their preborn life, they discover the continuity of living. “I was such a small person then but now I remember the sound of an explosion. My mother said it was a bomb that destroyed the house next door when we lived in London during the air raids.  Now I realize why I am so afraid of loud sudden noises. If I can remember that I must have been thinking. I must have been me way back when I was only 7 months old in my mother’s womb.”

Behind most evils that humans do to each other is the subtle, powerful force of dehumanization. For when people are dehumanized it is so much easier to torture, enslave, murder, abandon, starve, abort and scapegoat them. It is much easier to drop bombs on Japs than it is to kill Japanese mothers and fathers. The preborn baby is fully human but too often he/she is treated as an object.  It is much easier to terminate them when they are called a piece of tissue. Because this experience evokes memories of life and thought before birth, it (CYRYB) re-humanizes the preborn baby.

By experiencing our “Can You Remember Your Baby-days, (CYRYB) you will participate in the lovely development of a preborn baby. As a mother you will better appreciate how important it is to be well nourished, quiet and comfortable during your pregnancy. As father you will better understand your role in protecting and emotionally nurturing your wife. As a child you will better perceive the importance of welcoming every child. Couple bonding and parent infant bonding is deepened when this remarkable experience is done in pairs.

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