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A Poor Person’s Christmas Story

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A POOR PERSON’S CHRISTMAS STORY.        (For my children and grandchildren) Philip Ney   27/12/08   “Wake up my little son (or daughter)   It’s Christmas”  “I wasn’t asleep mamma.  I was lying still so I could keep hearing the angels sing”  “You must have been dreaming.”  “If it was a dream, it was so wonderful I wish it could go on for ever and ever”  ‘We’ll talk about it some more, Banda (or Bandina)  Right now I want you to get up, wash your face, dress in your best clothes then do the chores.  But be sure to stay clean.  And be careful to...

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The Day Our Puppy Died

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THE DAY OUR PUPPY DIED                                                      Philip G. Ney             Isn’t he so lovely? Look at the perfect white cross on his chest. And he has white tips to his paws just like his mother had. He has the rippled black coat of his father. I imagine he will have the same protective instincts that make his father such a good watch dog.             But he is struggling to breath and he is only 6hrs old. I don’t see any abnormality and his mouth is clear. Common little one you can do...

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Oh Dear, What to Give?

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“Mum, what can I give to someone who already has everything?”“Jimmy, you are by far the kindest 10 year old I know. Actually I don’t have everything. How about a pink sweater to go with the new dress I bought myself for Christmas?” “Not you mum” “Well your dad has almost everything a man could want, but how about some new lures for his fishing?” “Not dad, mum” “You really care for you big sister, don’t you? Or is it your little sister or maybe grandpa?” “Not them. It’s Jesus. It’s His birthday. I want to give Him a present but He already has everything there...

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Alone in the Desert?

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Dedicated to J.V.R. Many years go, not far away, a flower grew in the desert. She was lithe and lovely. But when the wind blew, sand was thrown in her face and her leaves wilted. Oh, she thought. I need some protection. Very shortly thereafter, a sand dune grew up in front of her and she felt comfortable in its shelter. But still she was dry. Oh, I need water. Not long after that a cloud came by and showered her plentifully. In the day it was hot but she could endure that. It was at night when it got so cold that she felt particularly alone and vulnerable. Oh, I wish there was someone,...

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Philip’s Fables

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Now all you young warriors and maidens, come listen to the story of the ancient one. It is about hanging on to what is yours. Once there was a very smart owl who, after hunting all night found a wonderfully large and juicy snake. He sat upon the branch pecking away when a raven flew by. “Aw Mr. Owl, what a wonderful snake. I am sure you are enjoying it.” “Go away Raven. I know you are a trickster. You won’t get my meal.” “Awww dear Owl, you are so perceptive. How could I trick you? But look, right above you is the mother of that snake. She wants...

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The Girl Who Wasn’t Welcome

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  Once upon a time, not so long ago or so far away a child lived with his mother and father in a very grand house. They were very wealthy and very important and very busy people. Their only child, a daughter, was fair of face and form. She had everything that she could want or desire. The parents worked hard but they were always bringing her presents, even when it wasn’t her birthday or Christmas. They told her how much they loved and wanted her. And she would smile, accept a nice present and wait to get a hug. But the hugs seldom came and she very seldom had time to play with...

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