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Science in conflict with religion

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  Letter to editor of Canadian Journal Psychiatry                     Philip G. Ney M.D. 2/6/09   In spite of his comprehensive and generally sympathetic review, Dr Koenig undoes it all with his bias.  “Despite spectacular advances in technology and science, 90% of the world population is involved in some form of religious or spiritual practice” (CJP 54:283)  To the thinking of this scientist, he should have written, “Because of the spectacular advances in technology and science, 90% of the world is God fearing.”  His assumption that science is...

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Patient Choice or Physician’s Recommendation

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Patient’s Choice or Physician’s Recommendation. Philip G. Ney MD 27/4/10   First scenario, Joe’s arm Mechanic Joe gets his arm twisted and broken at work but being a tough guy he carries on.  After a few days of “trying everything” to relieve the pain, he decides to consult a physician. “Doc. I don’t know what’s wrong with this stupid arm but the pain just gets worse no matter what I take.  I want you to cut it off.  It just keep getting in the way” “Joe I’ve examined it and though you’ve let it go on for awhile, it can be fixed.” “Thanks Doc.. I know...

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Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome

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News release:  Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome: Signs and Symptoms,  Ney PG, Sheils C, Gajowy M. Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, 2010; 25: 107-129    Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of people suffering the effects of being alive when a sibling was aborted is vitally important to physicians and politicians.  The resulting syndrome is so deeply damaging and difficult to treat it can help explain many psychiatric and medical illnesses.  PASS affects such a large numbers of people, it helps explain voting and economic trends. First uncovered clinically in 1979 and...

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Abortion as Medicine

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  Abortion as Medicine: Response to Andrea Mrozek’s piece in the National Post, Philip G. Ney                                      Thursday, Sept 17/07   Ms. Mrozek made a brave attempt to tackle a very touchy subject but missed some essential features.  The most salient and most often forgotten of these is that because abortion is a medical procedure, performed by medical personal, in medical facilities and paid for by medical funds, it must come under all the constraints imposed on the practice of medicine by the medical profession and by the...

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Conscientious Objection by Physicians

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letters-2@nationalpost.com Dear Editor:           Please publish this as a letter to the editor or an opinion piece.            Despite the furor and debate regarding a doctor’s freedom to not practice against his conscience it seems nothing is really resolved. As a well experienced clinician and academic I would like to comment by way of a description of a quite possible situation: Patient (P) cheerily, “Good morning doctor. Its a nice day isn’t it.” Family doctor, (Dr.D)sensing something isn’t quite right. “Who are you” P. smiling sweetly....

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Dear Editor: There are 4 fundamental questions that Siri Agrell [‘Call for More Fetal Tests Raises Concerns’ in National Post] and the SOGC (Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Canada) do not address but which must be addressed if this country is to retain a semblance of civilization. These are: Is any preborn child at any age a person with any legal or social rights? And remember when addressing this that the burden of proof lies with those who would feel free to kill the preborn if it is decided in the negative. Can the Society or individual Obstetricians and Gynaecologists...

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