Now Available! Deeply Damaged: An Explanation for the Profound Problems Arising from Aborting Babies and Abusing Children Authored by Dr. Philip Gordon Ney

 “Deeply Damaged” is a culmination of Dr. Ney’s many years of research into the effects of child mistreatment and of abortion. His data indicates that those who were mistreated as children are more likely to have abortions, and that statistically, those who have abortions are more likely to abuse or neglect their children. He believes that a combination of childhood mistreatment, being an abortion survivor and having an abortion results in the deepest damage to the person. Consequently, any attempt to treat these combined assaults must be done very carefully. This book is also the theoretical basis for the “Hope Alive” treatment program…
The first four volumes of a five volume series containing articles and works of Dr Philip Ney are now available on Amazon
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Love, Life and Freedom by Dr. Philip Gordon NeyThese 2 out of 5 volumes of Love, Life and Freedom are written to inform & challenge all those who desire truth. All volumes make up an anthology of essays, sermons, scientific articles, confronting comments, warnings, urgings and some songs. They are written over time, reflecting one man’s persistent pursuit of truth…Publication Date: June 9, 2015 List Price: $17.00

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