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Natural Selection by Design

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NATURAL SELECTION BY DESIGN; Earth as Seed and Soil, the way it was suppose do be. Philip Ney 14/8/15 Assumption God is almighty and He is very social. He desires for His own and for human joy limitless, interesting friends with whom to spend limitless time and in boundary less space. As incomprehensible as this may seem, God is easily capable of chatting individually with an infinite number and variety of people. It gives Him great joy to get to know a person, especially if they are wise and loyal. God designed humans to be a little lower than Himself (Ps. 8:5). He wants them to know Him as...

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Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Prophecy | Comments Off on THE SINS OF HER PROPHETS AND PRIESTS (Lamentations 4:14)

Philip G. Ney   22/4/2014 INTRODUCTION “It will never happen to us. We are God’s chosen people and He has promised to protect and save us” said one. The other said, “And those Babylonians all hate God and are idol worshippers and violent” “Excuse me your reverends but I couldn’t help overhear your conversation. Are you talking about the ancient or the present day Babylonians? Or maybe both? It seems to me the “people of God” back then are the “people of God” now. That being so, the warnings written for that time apply today. God justice doesn’t change. In fact He has...

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ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL- A play on words

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Isn’t she beautiful Players: G= God     J= Jesus. HS= Holy Spirit Much like her mother. How old now Michael? I would say about 12 wks. More precisely, 84 days, 4 hrs, 15 min. and 42 sec. plus or minus a few millisecs. Smiling at His beloved son. Where is his dad? Over there, behind that tree weeping his heart out. Hey man, get over there and love your woman. Larry. Oh God I don’t know where you are but don’t let her do this. G Do what young man? Who said that? I must be hearing voices. My Doc said I would if I stopped my meds. Do what young man? This is weird but I may as well...

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Will Humanity Survive?

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Introduction. Since there is and can only be one truth, science and morality must agree. Moreover, the better the morality the better the science. The better the science and morality, the more likely humanity will thrive and civilizations advance. Nobody has thought of a better morality than the one found in the bible. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself. (1)   Those who have lived by this morality have lived better, longer, discovered more and raised better children. When there was a collection of these God-lovers, they brought...

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Why the Next War Will Be the Cruelest War Ever: Complete Edition

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WHY THE NEXT WAR WILL BE THE CRUELEST WAR EVER by DR. PHILIP G. NEY FIRST EDITION, September 2013     TABLE OF CONTENTS I     INTRODUCTION II    FACTORS THAT INCREASE AGGRESSION A.     Despair 1.      Worsening economics 2.      Usual economic theories don’t work. 3.      Collapsing infrastructure 4.      Shrinking investments B.      Hunger C.      Diversions that only result in more deaths 1.      From international conflict 2.      From inter -personal conflict D.     Rhetoric, education & philosophy 1.     ...

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